Student Visa Drop Box By Malaysian High Commission

Student Visa Drop Box

NPI helps to complete the application procedure and applying student visa

North Pole International (Pvt.) Ltd., is authorized Visa Drop Box Centre by Malaysian High Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan for the students applications. Malaysian High Commission to Pakistan has given this authority to North Pole International only to process student’s applications smooth and fast without any delays.

Documents for Malaysian Students Visa

  • Admission letter (OL / LOA) in original from any Malaysian University
  • Visa Approval Letter (VAL / VDR) in original, which you received from your University/College
  • Passport Original and two copies of first two pages
  • NIC two copies
  • 3 Blue Background pictures size 3.5 x 5cm
  • Filled and signed Application Form (Provided in our offices)
  • Visa Application Fee

Malaysian Students Visa Processing Time

Once you submit all these documents in any of our office, we will process your application with Malaysian High Commission and get your visa stamped on the Passport. Normally visa processing takes 8 working days. Malaysian Students Visa Form can be downloaded from this link. Visa Form