About Cyprus

Cyprus is situated in the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. Since the dawn of history, Cyprus has been one of the most interesting areas of the region and has a rich and visible cultural history.
Because Cyprus provides an ideal setting for higher learning, it is no wonder that it has become a major international education centre, attracting scholars and students from all over the world. This cultural diversity makes it a forum for international understanding and peace, thus providing a firm foundation for the educational philosophy of the University.
Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Apart from the light rainy season between November and March, Cyprus is sunny all the time. Mean temperatures range from 8°C, during the coldest month of December, to 35°C during the hottest month of August.

Cyprus Universities

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Why Study in Cyprus?

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a summer stretching from May to October, Cyprus might be just the perfect place for international studies. Besides its beautiful looks, Cyprus is also becoming a centre of education in the region with the help of investments from large international organizations.
Studying in Cyprus you will receive a high quality international education at an affordable cost. You will make friends from all over the world at whichever of the Cyprian universities you choose to attend. Be prepared for a diverse explosion of culture as you enter this beautiful Mediterranean island.

  • Cyprus is a part of the European Union (EU),
  • It is also a big tourist destination, hence provides the visitors a safe and welcoming environment,
  • Tuition fees and living expenses are very less as compared to other European nations,
  • Students can easily earn 500-600 Euros per month in a part time job.
  • There are great career options for those doing a course in Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, etc as they have a chance of getting job in other European countries (EU),
  • Students with average scores can get an opportunity to study in the best colleges there.
  • Cyprus is an English speaking country in Europe.


Cost of Study in Cyprus

The study and living costs in Cyprus are relatively lower than in other European countries. Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programs are offered in various faculties. The average study costs are;

  • Medical Programs:       € 100,000 - € 120,000
  • Bachelors Program:     €   9,500  -  € 10,500/Year
  • Masters Program:        €   7,500  - €  14,000/Year
  • PhD Programs:             € 13,500/Year

Cost of Living

Student’s expenses (on average) for an academic year are;

  • Accommodation (Shared Accommodation):  € 2,000 - € 3,500
  • Food and Personal Expenses:    € 3,500 - €5,000
  • Books and Stationary:    € 400    -    €500