Why study in Malaysia

Malaysia has grown tremendously and has become a more developed country over the years since its independence more than 51 years ago. It has soared like an eagle, evolving into a high technology nation with her own Silicon Valley and, her many high technology buildings, some of which were built to depict the rich heritage of Malaysia, like the Petronas Twin Towers. Malaysia has experienced a steady economic progression and rapid infrastructural development of which Malaysians are truly proud.

Malaysia is a peaceful, modern, multi-racial and fascinating nation located in the heart of South–East Asia, directly to the South of Thailand and to the north of Singapore. The country offers international students a stimulating academic, social, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment, which would make their study and living here worth their money, time and effort.

UK Universities in Malaysia

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Malaysian Public Universities

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Australian Universities in Malaysia

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Malaysian Universities Offering Dual Degree

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Other Malaysian Universities

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Valid Reasons For Malaysia as Ultimate Destination

  • Pioneers in Translational Education & International Affiliations.
  • 2+1 Twinning Degree Programs - A value for money option for “Cross Border' experience.
  • 3+0 Foreign Bachelor's Degree in Malaysia- A step closer to your dream for International qualification.
  • Branch campuses of Foreign Universities in Malaysia- The best of both worlds.
  • Malaysian Universities quality.
  • Focus on research and development.
  • Low living cost and affordable tuition fee.
  • English - The World Language in Malaysia.
  • Quality Education-Assured by the National Quality Assurance Agency.
  • Dedicated Academic staff with diversified global qualifications.
  • Career relevant courses with In –Demand skills –for Employability.
  • Malaysia- Gate way to Asia.
  • Truly International Environment - Easy for you to adapt.
  • Immigration Procedure for you & your family- They are simple & Hassel- Free.
  • Working while you study in Malaysia- You can do it to supplement living, subject to the Immigration approval.
  • Politically, Economically - Sound   & Geographically-safe country & Ideal for studying and living.
  • Degrees awarded by UK, Australian, Canadian and American Universities.
  • Transfer programmes available to UK, US, Australian and Canadian Universities.
  • Cost of living much lower compared to other education markets like Australia, UK, USA, Singapore.
  • Multicultural and Multi-religious community with stronger respects for other races and cultures.
  • Friendly and welcoming people.

How to Decide?

"Which college is the best? Am I doing the right course? What will I do for an accommodation? Which university tops for engineering programmes?" Lingering questions like these are enough to cause sleepless nights and loss of appetite. With over 600 private higher educational institutions in Malaysia, choosing one to go to is never an easy task. While there is no panacea or black & white guidelines to these questions, one of the ways to quell our doubts is to talk to people who are already there or have been there. Experience does speak volumes.

This is where liveandstudymalaysia.com helps students to decide. As a leading service provider for Malaysian Education in Pakistan, liveandstudymalaysia.com is representative to almost all major Universities and colleges in Malaysia. This website has been designed carefully keeping in view the questions and concerns of students and their parents while applying for a certain institute. Students can find and choose various institutes and can also seek help from the experienced and trained staff at liveandstudymalaysia.com through email, telephone or by visiting our offices.

Cost Of Living

Malaysia has relatively cheap cost of living. The total cost of expenditure for accommodation, either on campus or off-campus, is reasonable and within many budgets. Depending on the location and choice, the average monthly rental for a single room (twin sharing) per student is between RM450 - RM750 (USD150 -USD 250) Other expenses such as food, transportation, laundry and other essentials, based on an ordinary lifestyle are mated between RM700 - RM950 (USD200 - USD300) approximately per month. Therefore, the average total cost of living will range from RM 12,000 to RM17,000 (USD3430 - USD4860) per year.

Cost Of Studing In Malaysia

Another prime reason why many international students have chosen Malaysia to pursue their tertiary education is the affordable tuition fees. The following tables show the estimated tuition fees at various levels of education.

Cost advantages to study in malaysia

The relatively cheaper cost of the education in Malaysia coupled with the availability of Internationally- recognized qualifications highlights another significant factor why international students choose to study here. The following tables show the cost benefits of studying in Malaysia.